The Evergreen Collection is one of the most recent additions to our Valletta Glass collections. The vision that stood behind this art glass creation are the beautiful green fields seen from the Silent City of Mdina. The various shades of green can be only seen in springtime or winter months when the Sun is not so harsh over the Maltese Islands.
This collection is a beautiful reminder of the Lower and Upper Barakka Gardens also beautifully located in Valletta. You may enjoy a beautiful walk in spring in one of these beautiful gardens and enjoy the greenery.
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The classic blend of earthy colours gives our Natura Collection a sense of warmth and elegance. This glass selection is the perfect addition to the surroundings of the Lower Barakka Gardens found in Valletta. This garden offers breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour while people can also enjoy the sight of Fort Saint Elmo. The Lower Barakka Garden is closely located to the Siege Bell Memorial, a monument dedicated to all the people who died during the Second World War. A mix of architecture, history and nature is the inspiration behind Natura Collection. View Collection >>


The beauty behind the Drops of Rainbow Collection stands in its bright and vibrant colours. This impressive glass selection gives life to the beautiful Manoel Island that is being seen from the bastions of the capital city Valletta. What really makes the island more special is Fort Manoel, an 18th century fortification built by the Knights of the Order of St. John. Nowadays, Manoel Island is still truly magnificent after experiencing numerous devastating air raids during the Second World War. View Collection >>  


The stunning view of Fort Ricasoli and the Grand Harbour brings our Whirlwind Collection in harmony with the historic city of Valletta. Fort Ricasoli is the largest fort in Malta and along with Fort Saint Elmo commands the entrance to the Grand Harbour. The three cities of Birgu, Senglea, and Cospicua offer the perfect picture of the historic Malta together with our handmade glass collection. Whirlwind depicts the warm colours found in the Maltese architecture and old buildings. This glass collection is a classic and any piece reflects the art of glassblowing in its purest form. View Collection >>


The beautiful Mediterranean  Sea surrounding the Maltese Islands gives the perfect touch of mystery to our Mystic Blue Collection. Dark colours blend harmoniously with the 24k gold leaf, one of the oldest glass making techniques. Such technique is still being used in Malta by our dedicated craftsmen. The dark blue together with the shiny gold leaf are a true resemblance of the Maltese limestone washed by the waves of the Mediterranean. This luxurious glass collection is the definition of pure elegance and style. View Collection >>  

Handmade Valletta Glass collection made in Malta - Strait Street in Valletta Malta WHITE PEARL COLLECTION

White Pearl Collection comes to light through a special technique used by our Valletta Glass craftsmen. The inspiration comes from the warm colours seen in the architectural design of Valletta giving more charm to the capital’s narrow streets. While you are visiting this magnificent city make sure not to miss St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the stunning view of the Grand Harbour seen from Valletta. The city’s narrow streets will take you back into the history. View Collection>>

Valletta Glass collection in Valletta Malta - Renzo Piano architecture in Malta WILD FLAMES COLLECTION

The ‘City Gate’ project brings a different view on the entrance of Malta’s great capital city, Valletta. The two impressive stairs that link the bastions of St. James’ Cavalier and St. John’s Cavalier offer a sense of open space and greatness whereby visitors can enjoy the architectural views of Valletta. Wild Flames Collection resembles a unique style where colours are harmoniously blending together… just like the two great  architectural elements located alongside Republic Street in Valletta. View Collection >>

Traditional Valletta Glass made in Malta - Malta Parliament Building Renzo Piano SUNSET IN THE DESERT COLLECTION

Our most exquisite Valletta Glass Collection, Sunset in the Desert, blends perfectly with Renzo Piano’s architectural view of Malta’s Parliament Building. Located right at the entrance to the city, the Parliament House makes one modern addition to the historical city of Valletta – a UNESCO World Heritage site. This luxurious glass collection portrays the fusion between modern and classic given by its colours and the 24k gold enhancement… a concept resembling Malta’s capital city where tourists are welcomed to a modern city gate and taken to centuries of history. View Collection >>

Valletta Glass Mediterranea Collection in Malta - Bell Tower in Valletta MEDITERRANEA COLLECTION

Our superb Mediterranea Collection depicts the beautiful colours of the Mediterranean Sea entering the Great Harbour of Valletta. This handmade glass selection is standing gracefully next to the Siege Bell Memorial, both overlooking the Harbour. The Bell Tower was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth in 1992 in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the awarding of the George Cross of Bravery to the island of Malta. The Maltese Islands have been subjected to numerous attack and sieges given by its strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean. Malta will be always remembered for its bravery during the Great Siege of 1565. View Collection >>

Traditional blown glass in Europe Malta - Valletta Glass Fort St. Elmo LAVA COLLECTION

An intense dark red powdered with a 24k gold leaf resembles our classic yet powerful Lava Collection. Standing beside Fort St. Elmo in Valletta this glass selection brings back historical memories. The Knights of the Order of St. John saw a strategic location when reinforcing the watchtower on St. Elmo. The Ottoman Empire showed cruelty in 1565 during the Great Siege of Malta when Fort St. Elmo withstood massive bombardments. The Fort is also housing the National War Museum making it the perfect location for the 2015 Valletta Summit on Migration. View Collection >>