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Handmade Glass Jewellery

Better yet, each of our handmade pieces of shimmering glass jewellery — be it a glass pendant or glass-beaded necklace — helps the beautiful craft of Maltese blown glass thrive. Local Maltese artisans make our handmade glass jewellery in a workshop nestled in the heart of Malta’s historic capital — this means you are not only wearing a piece of artisan-made jewellery but also a piece of Malta.

Valletta Glass’s handcrafted glass pendants and necklaces embody more than your average piece of jewellery. Each one is handmade and unique, so they encapsulate the tradition of Maltese craftsmanship passed down through generations. The artisans help keep this part of Maltese heritage alive with each pendant or necklace.

Once handmade or hand blown in our Maltese glass-making workshop, each piece of our glass jewellery collection contains a host of striking colours, textures and shapes — why not add a touch of vibrancy to your outfits or even gift one to a friend or loved one? Lose yourself in the myriad of colours in our Eden necklace or add a slice of joy with our caterpillar necklace — or perhaps you’re looking for something more simple? Our glass bead necklaces are timeless and colourful — making them perfect for any occasion or as a unique gift. 

Whichever of our glass necklaces you choose, you can be sure that the local artisans who created it knew it would be as unique as those who wear it. 

One of the standout features of Valletta Glass’s collection is our handmade glass beads in their jewellery pieces. Our artisans skillfully create vibrant glass beads, each one a miniature masterpiece in its own right. The result is a tactile and smooth piece of handmade jewellery that can be treasured for a lifetime. The glass-beaded necklaces are perfect for adding a pop of colour and the story of Maltese glass-making to every outfit, too!

These exquisite pieces of Valletta jewellery are not merely accessories; they are wearable works of art that embody the timeless beauty of handcrafted glass — get yours today!