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Hand Blown Glass Jugs

These hand blown glass jugs and pitchers are ready to elevate your tableware or decor — as these striking pieces can be used to pour water, wine or mixed cocktails and display flowers or simply act as an eye-catching ornament in their own right. Each will add an eye-catching element to your home.

The hand-blown glass jugs from Valletta Glass showcase the elegance and skill of the glassblowing craft. Perfected by local artisans with a passion for the ancient art of glass-making, each jug will be unique — illustrating each artisan’s skill and attention to detail. Whether you opt for a one-handle glass jug or the timeless two-handle glass jug design, these handmade tableware pieces are bound to impress with their vibrant colours — of which there are many to choose from!

As well as serving as functional vessels, they are also stunning pieces of art. The intricate designs include striking swirling patterns, and touches of shimmering gold — browse the many designs of the two-handle glass jug here. These designs are hand-blown onto the glass, making each jug a unique work of art.

Valletta Glass’s hand-blown glass jugs are a testament to the artistry and heritage of glassblowing. Their exquisite designs, rich colours, and classic yet modern designs make them a perfect addition to any home or dinner table. 

Valletta Glass offers a unique blend of artistry and functionality that will enhance your home — whether that is from being a beautiful vase full of blooms or a functional glass water pitcher, handmade in the sun-kissed island of Malta —  lovingly crafted in the charming workshops of Malta. Get yours today.