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Handmade Glass Paperweights

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, including the whimsical and iridescent “white pearl”, is the pointed glass paperweight. This classic design is equal parts traditional and organic in form and ready to add a touch of handmade glass magic to any office, study or library.  

Also with the timeless design of a heavier bottom with a soft peak at the top is our perfectly rounded teardrop glass paperweight. This paperweight is also available in a range of colour infusions and designs, including the magical “mystic blue”.

Our expertly made round glass paperweight is perfect for those who are looking for a paperweight in a slightly different size, as this option comes with options from extra large to small, making it a great choice for smaller spaces or for those wanting to make a design statement through their love of hand blown glass.

Looking for something a little more personal? Check out our custom glass paperweights — ideal for a unique, custom present. These personalised glass paperweights can celebrate or commemorate pets, birthdays or any other special milestone or occasion! 

At Valletta Glass, handmade glass paperweights are more than just desk accessories — they are little pieces of glass-making tradition that help keep the art of glassmaking alive in Malta. And what makes Valletta Glass’s handmade glass paperweights truly exceptional is the infusion of colour and unique designs. Our expert artisans use various techniques, such as layering and fusing coloured glass, to create captivating colours and designs. Check out our full range of handmade glass paperweights here.