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Welcome to the world of Valletta Glass, where ancient glass-blowing techniques continue — using bursts of vibrant colours and intricate, captivating designs — all handmade by local, expert artisans. We take pride in every piece of hand blown glass we create — visit our Maltese craft shop to see which piece will get pride of place in your home.

What Our Malta Glass Blowers Do

Using traditional, ancient glass-blowing techniques mixed with a unique twist — Maltese glass is an artwork with its own captivating charm. All hand blown in Malta, it uses techniques passed down through the generations and continue to create work that is just as awe-inspiring to this day. Valletta Glass is passionate about maintaining the art of glass-making, preserved through hundreds of years of artisan work. Standing on the shoulders of this vast history, the authentic Maltese glass made at Valletta Glass is always one of a kind. 


What makes each piece of Maltese glass art unique is the glass-blowing technique. Every single piece of Valletta Glass has been handcrafted in our workshop. And what makes our glass art even more distinctive and striking is the colours. Maltese glass is famous for its vibrant colours, often delicately and expertly swirled together in the glass-blowing process, creating a striking design — this can be seen across our vast collection of handmade glass but shows beautifully in our glass vases.


Our expert glass blowers in Malta all adhere to traditional glass-blowing techniques and make unique and colourful designs with these skills. Every piece made in the Valletta Glass workshop has been shaped and blown by hand, using the time-honoured technique of blowing through a blowpipe and using tools to alter the shape and design of the piece, which is still extremely hot. 


Valletta Glass is renowned for its quality pieces and vibrant colours. The colours seen across the Valletta Glass collection are added through colour glass chips or powders. Upon blending and manipulating, using their expert glass-making skills, our Maltese glass makers create resplendent pieces — ready to add striking colour or design to your home. 

The Valletta Glass Company, People and History

Valletta Glass was established in Malta as a family-run venture by Mr Paul Said in 1979. Our brand has become synonymous with artistic excellence, quality and craftsmanship in Malta and overseas. Mr Said is still heavily involved in the management process of the business as well as the overall production of exceptional works of art. He is a keen believer in the beauty of simplicity, and from a young age, he has expressed his interest in the Venetian Murano Glass movement.


Our company’s mission is to actively uphold the trade of Malta glass-blowing and promote traditional Maltese craftsmanship worldwide. We value the close relationship with our craftsmen, who contributed significantly to the survival and continuity of this ancient tradition of handmade art.


The company has always operated from its premises located at the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village, including a workshop and two adjacent retail shops. We welcome thousands of tourists each year to our retail shops, where they can assist in a free-of-charge live glass-blowing demonstration — where custom-designed glassware at exceptional standards is produced. 


Visitors enjoy the craftsmen’s ability to combine and exploit the glass’s aesthetic qualities of transparency, translucence, fluid form and texture with its inherent structural strengths and architectural qualities. Our company has evolved throughout the decades, and has grown and diversified by continuously providing quality artistic works that exceed expectations.

Years In Business

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Ready to add a piece of handmade glass art to your home? Check out our vast range of Maltese hand blown glass — from our jugs and vases to our statement jewellery or glass flowers — there’s a captivating piece for everyone.


We are a community of art lovers united by the shared love for Maltese artistry, and we welcome you to join us.

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