Valletta Glass was established in Malta as a family joint venture by Mr. Paul Said in 1979. Our brand has become synonymous with artistic excellence, quality and craftsmanship in Malta and overseas. Mr. Said is still heavily involved in the management process of the business as well as the overall production of exceptional works of art. He is a keen believer in the beauty of simplicity and from a young age he has expressed his interest in the Venetian Murano Glass movement.

Our company’s mission is to actively uphold the trade of glass making in Malta and promote the traditional Maltese craftsmanship all over the world. We value the close relationship with our craftsmen who contributed significantly to the survival and continuity of this ancient tradition of handmade art.

The company has always operated from its premises located at the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village which include a workshop and two adjacent retail shops. Thousands of tourists are welcomed each year in our retail shops where they can assist a free of charge live glassblowing demonstration where custom designed glassware at exceptional standards is produced. Visitors enjoy the craftsmen’ ability to combine and exploit the glass aesthetic qualities of transparency, translucence, fluid form and texture with its inherent structural strengths and architectural qualities. Our company has evolved throughout the past decades and it has grown and diversified by continuously providing quality artistic works that exceed one’s expectations.

The Journey Continues.

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