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Hand Blown Glass Bowls

The Valletta Glass collection of glass bowls includes flat, round, free wave, heart-shaped, bridal and seashell bowls — each created in a variety of sizes and colours. So whether you’re after the classic, sleek shape of the flat bowl or the more organic shape of the free wave glass bowl, there’s sure to be something for every room in any house. 

Valletta Glass has a strong commitment to preserving the history of glass making. When you use a Valletta Glass bowl, you’re not just adding a new piece to your home or giving a decorative, handmade gift; you’re celebrating the timeless beauty of artistry and handmade glass. These handmade glass bowls are not just functional — they pay homage to the tradition of glassblowing that continues to thrive on the island of Malta.

The artisans behind Valletta Glass’s handmade glass bowls use a fascinating blend of skill, tradition and creativity — as well as a combination of the ancient and the modern — all made on the sun-kissed island of Malta. This creates a stunning piece of glass art in each of our hand blown glass bowls— get yours today.