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Hand Blown Glass Cup


Change up your daily beverages with our exquisite hand blown glass cups. 


Available in a range of captivating colours, each cup features swirling designs and ornate handles, allowing you to sip in style.

Perfect for gifting or for upgrading your drinkware, our hand blown glass mugs will make a striking addition.

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Indulge in the artistry of our hand blown glass mugs, where functionality meets beauty. Crafted with precision by master artisans, each cup boasts a mesmerising array of swirling colours reminiscent of a storm captured in a teacup. The delicate handle, expertly shaped in ornate swirling designs, adds a touch of sophistication to your drinking experience.

These cups are true works of art and are available in seven stunning colours, including lava, Mediterranean, mystic blue, noble pink, rainbow, white pearl and wild flames. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or enjoying an evening tea, our hand blown glass cups promise to enhance every sip.

Pair your hand blown glass coffee cup with our matching saucers for a complete set that exudes elegance and style.

Note: Dimensions are provided as length x width x height.

Different colours are available upon request.

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